Response to other students reviews up to 100 words each.

Task#JR(min 5 lines sentences)The article that I read was “After Combat Stress, Violence Can Show Up At Home” by Quil Lawrence. It a very good article about how the veterans are after they come back from war. Some become very violence with their love ones. Over many years the health professional and military try to decide if PTSD had anything to do with the domestic abuse in the home. As Lawrence states” For many sufferers of post-traumatic stress, the terror and adrenaline of a life-threatening moment won’t go away. When that builds into aggression, the target can often be a wife or girlfriend.”(2016) Most spouse or love ones don’t report abuse for many reason, but the main reason is so that the veteran or military personnel don’t get into trouble or lose their benefits. I agree with the article that if they don’t get the help that they need and they keep covering up the abuse then they will never be able to help the people. I think that it should start with the military and once they come back from combat, they are seen by a counselor for a time limit. Lawrence, Quil. “After Combat Stress, Violence Can Show Up At Home.”, Act Task#VK(same as above) response as if you are the student replying:Domestic abuse in the military happens more often than we think and it can happen to the most unsuspecting people. We may not know that a friend or family member is going through one of the hardest times of their lives. Victims of abuse, whether it be sexual or physical often keep to themselves, and hide the abuse from everyone. They fear the consequences they may face should their abuser find out they told. They might also hide it because they are embarrassed or ashamed. Often victims of abuse have low self-esteem and feel that they somehow deserve the treatment they’re receiving. Also, “Victims may fear losing the financial support provided by their abuser, including housing or medical benefits. Some victims may feel trapped because they fear ruining their spouse’s military career or feel pressure to keep the relationship intact for the sake of the children”. Should the victim decide to report the abuse, they have options. “Victims who prefer confidential assistance that does not include notification of law enforcement or military command may contact a FAP supervisor, clinician, victim advocate or a health care provider to request a restricted report.” “Victims may contact the FAP, military police or chain of command to make an “unrestricted report” if they want an investigation of an abuse incident and command involvement. The command can offer the victim added support and protection. An unrestricted report also gives the command the discretion to take administrative action against the offender”. Being a victim of abuse is emotionally and physically draining. It can make the happiest person suddenly withdraw and become isolated from everyday activities, as well as family or friends. Having a trusted friend, family member or advocate along with the will to break free from the abuse can be the difference between getting help or staying trapped in a world of filled with pain. Task#D7(same as above instructions please)The article in the Huffington Post titled A Silent Epidemic: Spousal Abuse is the Military’s Best Kept Secret. The Article discusses a military spouse who has endured years of abuse emotionally and physically by her husband who serves in the military. The author states that the military essentially turns a blind eye to the abuse due to the service member’s importance to the mission. The constant moving does not give the spouse anyone who she can trust and most spouses of the armed service are on one income which is the service member and that can keep a spouse from saying anything because they will lose money if the service member gets in trouble. One case where the service member was arrested and charged with the abuse, but the command only wanted to know when the service member would be released from jail so they could return to work. The spouse was taken off the bank account and their cell phone was turned off. My point of view being a veteran is that the biggest problem is the spouse not reporting the abuse. Every command I have been a part of takes DV seriously dating back to 1998 so I don’t necessarily agree with this article the command response unless this command is the worst command in the military and it could be. Works Cited Rabb, K. (2012, May 26). A Silent Epidemic: Spousal Abuse is the Military’s Best Kept Secret. Retrieved Oct 05, 2016, from Huffington Post: Reply to Thread

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