Risk Assessment Assignment

Child abuse and neglect are symptomatic of other underlying family issues. Family members in abusive and neglectful families are experiencing stresses related to physical, environmental, and personal factors. This assignment is a fact-finding process that gathers pertinent information to make the following determinations: 1. Occurrence of abuse-physical, sexual or neglect 2. Risk to children of future harm 3. Child’s need for immediate protection Students are to select a family from the videos/books below and conduct a family risk assessment, safety plan and case plan. A. Brief synopsis of family issue/abuse/situation B. Composition and structure of the family and each family member (genogram) C. Family history with the agency, if any D. Available support systems E.Family coping skills and strategies F. Safety plan for the child and family How will you achieve this? What are the goals for this family? How would you engaged this family? Does the situation require removal of the child from the home or the addition of prevention service? what do you see as the long term needs of this child/children/family? what is the service plan you would institute for the parents? if any? Videos/books: Precious, The Lost Children of Wilder, The Boy’s life, Joe The King, Flowers In the attic, Once were Warriors , The Burning Bed, Bastard out of California, Sybil, Mommy Dearest, Losing Isaiah, White Oleander, A Child called “it”, Broken, Other books/Videos must be approved by the instructor. the paper must not be less than8 nor exceed 10 pages( not including bibliography) in length; have 12 point, Time New Roman font/Double spaced with one inch margins all around, cover page and use APA formatting for everything including the Bibliography. NOTE; Cite all sources used by you.

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