Select two pieces of literature from a culture that you have already met.

In an essay (500-750 words), show how the worldview is communicated through the use of various literary devices. Use at least two scholarly sources, outside of the course readings, to support your view
Please write one page about the following with two comments which I will use to respond to other students: What might be holding you back from taking a giant step into leadership or management at a higher level in which you currently are serving? Are you afraid of stress or stressful situations? How do you deal with the day-to-day stressors of the corporate environment? Do you have empathy on your followers when deadlines are demanding and timelines are tight? What advice do you have for those who don’t have a good grip on the daily grind of work?

You must complete an essay (no more than 500 words) on the following: Describe the importance of leadership and provide examples of your leadership style and leadership that you demonstrate in your school, communities or work.

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