Settler Colonialism Timeline

1.Requirements: Settler Colonialism Timeline The assignment for this week is to create a timeline of the major eras of federal Indian policy in the United States. Refer to the course materials assigned for this week (2 readings and 1 video) to help you compose your timeline. You do not need to include each and every date/policy/piece of legislation that you learn about. That would be utterly impossible, as there have been HUNDREDS of individual pieces of legislation addressing Indian peoples in the United States. Rather, look for the big picture, the patterns, the major eras. (Hint: The table on page 123 & 124 of the “History of Federal Indian Policy” article is a good starting point for understanding the broader picture.) Include enough events/descriptions of time periods to make the timeline a useful study guide for yourself. You may generate the timeline by computer or by hand. If you draw the timeline by hand, simply take a photo of the completed timeline and upload it below. 2 readings and 1 video: 1 video:”The Canary Effect” (Link to Video) 2 readings in attachments

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