Short, scholarly research paper on Milton’s L’Allegro Il Penseroso.

Short, scholarly research paper on Milton’s L’Allegro Il Penseroso. Using annotations and scholarly articles to enhance your understanding, tell me which way of life reflected in these poems you think Milton prefers and why, or if they are equal. You might want to compare Milton’s treatment of Orpheus in both, for example. Dig deep! Carefully study his choice of words in each poem and the endings of both. You should consult critical editions (texts with annotations) and cite scholarly articles to support your argument. Cummings Study Guides: Annotated Text of LA Annotated Text of II Penseroso John Milton Reading Room at Dartmouth:’allegro/text.shtml ****You really want to read annotated versions, that is, with scholarly notes (annotations), of these two companion poems (companion meaning they go together), to help you understand the meaning of Milton’s words and phrases. Attached is an excerpt of a chapter from a wonderful book entitled The Story of Black by John Harvey.It delves into Renaissance melancholia and blackness as it relates to Hamlet and Milton. I strongly recommend this!

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