Signature Assignment – Research Paper

Signature Assignment – Research Paper Due Sunday 11:59 pm
PST in week 4
Using the outline you created, write a 5-page (not including title,
abstract, and reference pages), APA-style research paper that analyzes
and describes health behaviors and health beliefs of a specific U.S
cultural group.
Your paper must include:
• Title Page
• Abstract
• Introduction to the U.S. cultural group
• Define the US cultural group in terms of history, geography and
• Discusses socio-economic, language, political, religious and other
factors that influence the health of the group
• Describe all common health behaviors of the group with supporting
and detailed evidence
• Describe commonly held attitudes, beliefs and values (health beliefs)
by the group with supporting and detailed evidence.
• Provide recommendations for improving culturally and linguistically
appropriate services for the selected group with supporting evidence
and detailed support.
• Reference page (not part of page count). Use at least 5 scholarly
sources (See chart table below regarding appropriate resources).
Websites may be included but do not count towards your scholarly
sources. Do not use .com or Wikipedia, rather, Use .gov, .org, and and.
edu websites.
Resources for Citations
Wikipedia National Institutes of Health
• Written Assignments: All written assignments are to be:
o typed/word-processed, font size 12, double spaced
o Written in standard English, error free in sentence construction,
grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
o Written in APA-style. Reference the text American Psychological
Association (2010). Publication manual of the American
Psychological Association (7th. ed.). Washington, DC: APA. Or the
following website:

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