Similarities and Differences between Hinduism and Sikhism

Original Research Paper Length: Approximately 1800 word-essay (6-7 pages of essay content, double-spaced, 12pt. font), plus cover page and bibliographic references — these do not count in your 6-7 pages. Cover Page for Paper Assignment: Title (Your name) (Date) Paths of Faith References: At least five (5) references are required. Marks are given for the quality and variety of your references. You must use proper citations within the paper (due not just include the bibliography page). You may use articles, books, information from the internet, interviews, etc. It is expected that anything you use will be properly acknowledged and referenced. Plagiarism is unacceptable. If in doubt, or for more information on what constitutes plagiarism, contact the instructor or refer to the class handout. References should include information as follows: • BOOKS author, title, publisher, place published, date • WEBSITES URL (http://…) (required), title (required), author, date where possible • INTERVIEWS No more than one interview is permitted. Required information includes name of the person interviewed, creditation (why was the person considered worth interviewing?), date of interview. If requested, contact information must be provided (e.g., telephone number). The following is a quick and easy outline to guide you in preparing for your paper (please also use the essay grading rubric): Introduction: a) What are you going to talk about? b) Why is it an important issue? c) Why are you interested in it? Description: a) Talk about your subject b) Describe what the subject is Evaluate: a) What does the subject show you about religion b) How does your subject reflect or resolve tensions between religion and society? Conclusion: a) Sum up what you have talked about b) Sum up what you have discovered or learned c) Concluding remarks Bibliography (Examples) – You may use MLA or Chicago Style (please do not use APA style) Articles: Kalogerakis, George. “Hebrew Letters Can Stay on Sign”. Montreal (Quebec): The Gazette p.1, December 18, 1997. Books: Danielou, Alain. Yoga: The Method of Reintegration. New York: University Books, 1955. Websites: Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance, Religious,, 2004. Interview – no more than one (1): Reeve, Rev. F. Minister of Trafalgar Presbyterian Church, Oakville (Ontario). Interview dated January 10, 1999.

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