social media, young adults, self-tracking, mediated communication/relationships

Here are the basic parameters for the final essay. It must be double-spaced, 5-6 pages, at least 1200 words, 4 outside sources (also please try to cite one of the class readings — either from the books or the Thurs articles — in your final essay). The final essay should be based on some issue that we have encountered over these four (almost five) weeks. Obviously, you might want to focus on issues related to social media, young adults, self-tracking, mediated communication/relationships, issues of privacy, cyber-bullying, celebrity in an age of social media, the use of data in everyday life, and more. Try to pick a narrow topic range. I like tightly focused short essays and not ones that talk vaguely about huge areas of general interest. So, pick — say — an app, or a specific technology or a particular event/experience and then build from that small point toward an argument that clearly and persuasively articulates your point of view.

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