Strategic Operations Management and Operational Research

In your PART A – Reflective Analysis please make sure to address the following: – At the beginning of the module you have identified ONE personal skill that you aimed to develop and improve throughout the module. Your Reflective Analysis will detail WHAT YOU DID to improve that skill and HOW EFFECTIVE your efforts have been. Therefore: ? Create a titled Introduction that outlines the importance of the selected skill. In the introduction you are also advised to describe the general nature of the skill with certain theoretical justification i.e. text-citations/references as well as provide proofs for the necessity of the skill’ improvement (maybe by adding additional information from your work environment which may have influenced your skill’ selection and need for improvement). Finally, your introduction may be concluded/ end with the purpose of the Part A i.e. ‘Finally, this paper seeks to provide information from a reflective nature of the skill….. etc.’. The introduction may be approximately 400 words limit. ? The main body of your Part A – Reflective Analysis (approximately 2300 words limit) could be divided into sub-chapters while exploring the role of the skill into different fields of study i.e. ‘The importance of time management skill towards productivity’. Make sure that you will manage to establish a clear evidence of the importance of the skill’ improvement in relation to the areas where you are most affected by the use of that skill. Finally, and MOST important while discussing the skill which affects certain fields (i.e. productivity) please REMEMBER to include THE METHODS that you have used to improve that skill and discuss HOW EFFECTIVE your efforts have been. It is important to support your ASSERTIONS with appropriate theoretical information especially while linking the skill in certain areas or influences. I highlight the importance to use the link: which includes a variety of material (i.e. video, reading documents etc ) suitable for improving skills (in your analysis you will be clearly state the you have used or gone through the videos and how these have influenced the improvement of your skills. ? Conclude your PART A – Reflective Analysis with a conclusion of approximately 300 words. ? In a separate page after your conclusion please include the reference list of ALL the resources used and text-cited in the PART A – Reflective Analysis. Your references do not count in the word limit of the PART A.

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