Summary of a Professional Ethics Article for case study

Please see the attachment. Assignment case is in Page 45 of the attachment. Requirements: • Length: 1200 ±100 words • Submit after completing Unit 3 and 4 • Include only explanatory summary; your assignment may be marked down if you go beyond summarizing the arguments and provide an evaluation of the arguments. • Case study: Aaron Quinn, “Accepting Manipulation or Manipulating What’s Acceptable?” 280-288. See below pages. • In essay-form, provide an explanatory summary of the author’s moral reasoning by explaining the ethical issue that is addressed by the author, as well as any possible answers to the ethical issue discussed by the author in addition to his own position. In your summary, you should identify the author’s conclusion or resolution to the ethical issue and explain the arguments and reasons offered in support of his position. An accurate summary is the first step in philosophical analysis and should reflect an accurate understanding and clear articulation of the author’s arguments and reasoning.

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