Supply Chain Management Essay + Inventory Management Sum

Assignment 1 Globalisation is no longer restricted to giant companies. Technology advances have made it possible for SMEs to establish a global presence. Companies previously regional in scope are using the internet to become global almost overnight. Information technology is the ‘enabler’ that lets companies gain global visibility and link disparate locations, suppliers and customers. However, many companies are learning that it takes more than a glitzy website to be a global player, it takes a well-planned and coordinated supply chain to be competitive and successful. Moving products across international borders is like negotiating an intricate maze, riddled with potential pitfalls. Global supply chain management, though global in nature, must still take into account national and regional differences. Customs, business practices and regulations can vary widely from country to country and even within a country. Foreign markets are not homogeneous and often require customised service in terms of packaging and labelling. Quality can be a major challenge when dealing with Third World markets in countries with different languages and customers. With regard to the above discussion, and referring to the recommended reading for this module and other relevant literature, you are to prepare a report of 1200 words which identifies and describes some of the major differences between domestic and global supply chain management. Referencing – Harvard Style Assignment 2 A manufacturer produces a specialist product (known as Product X) for the national market. Table 1 below shows the gross demand for the next eight weeks and the current inventory. The ‘Planned Order Receipts’ row in Table 1 shows the number of units required in the relevant week and this figure may be greater than the ‘Net Requirement’, depending on the Re-Order Quantity. You are required to copy the Material Requirements Plan table into your report and then complete the MRP. You should assume that the Re-Order Quantity is a minimum of 50 units and the lead time is two weeks. Having completed the MRP, using the Gross Demand calculate the average demand for Product X over the eight weeks. Using the Stock on Hand for weeks 1 to 8, calculate the average stock level. Assuming that the Re-Order Cost for Product X is £100 and the unit stockholding cost is £2.00 for the eight-week period, show that the Economic Order Quantity is 71 units. Determine the total inventory cost (stockholding cost plus re-order costs) for the eight weeks. Repeat the MRP using the EOQ instead of the minimum order quantity and complete your report by discussing the effect the EOQ strategy has on total inventory cost. This part of your assignment will be assessed on the basis of your analysis and evaluation of this inventory management problem. Should be 2 tables.

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