Supportive Submission 2: Abstract on equine therapy article

Article to be used is attached Write the abstract part of your critical assignment. In your Abstract, be sure to include the problem statement, purpose of the critique (not the article purpose), data collection methods used, potential themes/results, critiques of the article, and practical implication of the article. Start with an abstract of up to 250 (Max) words, giving the gist of your essay (not a restatement of the abstract of the article you are critiquing). Your abstract should include the primary point(s) you wish to make regarding the research presented in the article as well as your evaluation of the article. A well-written abstract may also serve as an introduction. Abstracts are always singled space with no citations. I disapprove of the use of quotes in any submitted assignments. Paraphrase any borrowed information into your own words and cite accordingly. See the attached sample for this assignment.

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