Sustaining Innovation Beyond Initial Ideation and Project Launches in the Public Sphere

Here is the general feedback I shared with all groups. Each paper should have the following sections: Executive Summary A. Introduction. B. Four Case Studies: For each case study, draw on multiple sources of evidence (i.e. more than one report or article for each case). C. Analysis of the Case Studies: For the analysis section, compare lessons learned across the cases. D. Recommendations: The recommendations should be clear and innovative. E. Conclusion. F. References: References should be complete. (Each reference cited in the text should be listed at the end; each reference listed at the end should be cited somewhere in the text.) For each section, make sure that the arguments being made are clear and convincing. · When you state something, assume it will be challenged by the reader, so try to offer some justification for it (data, studies done by someone else, a plausible argument, etc.) · Get together and read the paper as a group. Read the parts each one has written and challenge each other whenever statements lack context or might be better explained. “What do you mean by this or that?” CITING SOURCES Cite your sources so the reader can check if the information you are offering is reliable. · You need to cite the source for each piece of data. Use quotation marks when using the exact same words from another source. · But avoid excessive quotes. (Use your voice; do not rely on quotes to narrate for you.) · In general only use quotes when they really illustrate well a concept, or provide a definition, or when you want to comment something about those exact words used by another author.

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