SWOT Analysis for Nicosia as a Tourist Destination.

You have been appointed as a ‘student consultancy team’ for a leading destination management consultancy firm who have tasked you with: • A review of destination management and marketing practices for Nicosia Your wiki will consist of the following (as a minimum standard) achieved through desk based research and your field work observations. Your group is encouraged to identify other relevant information both in your research and following your fieldwork observation: • What role does tourism take in Nicosia’s development plans? • Attraction: What is the destination offer (natural, manmade, purpose built, heritage, events offer, free v paid)? How are these attractions marketed? What trends do the visitor figures show? • Destination Image/Branding: which sources brand Nicosia and what is the city’s destination image? Is this reflective of what the city offers? • Accessibility: What was the tourist infrastructure in place? How effective are the transport networks? What trends do the visitor figures show? • Amenities: What is the resorts accommodation and hospitality offer (price, quality)? What trends do the occupancy figures show? • Activities/Experiences: What activities are available at the destination? What will consumers do during their visit (acknowledging different visitor segments)? • What is the future for Nicosia as a tourism destination? (Consider Nicosia’s competition for future tourist spending). Please use these questions as guidance for developing a comprehensive report analysing Nicosia’s destination brand and product. Wiki Submission Deadline 15th December noon ? NOTE: You are required to apply skills and knowledge developed in your level 4 modules (e.g. Tourism Essentials, Tourism Destinations) and apply the theory to practice. Therefore, the response should critically appraise the main theories and principles that are associated with the issues/key areas of the field visit. It needs to build upon wider reading and other managerial issues. What is a Wiki? Please read the key text A wiki is a collection of web pages that allow users to add and edit content – but which requires little or no web editing skills or experience – with the most obvious and well known example you will have encountered being Wikipedia. A wiki that your group can edit will be set up for you through eLearn (Blackboard). Each member of the group can update the wiki (adding pages, text, images and hyperlinks) and the wiki comes with a history section which will show what changes / updates have been made – and by which group member – allowing both the group and tutor to monitor contribution. Only team members and your tutor will have access to the wiki but you should be mindful that the Tourism in Action project should be a professional piece of work and as such, all wiki entries should be informative, legal and truthful. A full overview of the Blackboard-Wiki feature will be provided within the workshop along with your assessment briefing.

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