Systems Based Practice and Traditional Chinese Medicine

I need to write a reflection paper on systems based practice and the role of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The requirements are: What is the influence of systems based practice on the healthcare system? Be sure to include a definition of “systems based practice.” Also, address how the worldview of systems based practice has influenced the healthcare system? What is the role of Traditional Chinese medicine in systems based practice medicine and how is it (TCM) evolving to meet the changing healthcare environment (consider what has changed and what needs to change)? You may also discuss how the healthcare system is evolving to adapt to TCM What skills/tools would a doctorally prepared TCM practitioner (you) need in order to promote systems based practice? What can a doctorally prepared TCM practitioner (you) do to accelerate the positive changes in their (your) community? The paper must be 4-6 pages long, and it is due tonight…. This needs to be a scholarly written article in APA format

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