Task Description

Write a research proposal for an original empirical study. The proposal is intended to build on the Research Proposal Part 1. Proposal Part 2 must:
• be on a topic relevant to the program of study in which you are currently enrolled, and
• involve data collected from or about human research subjects.
The proposal must contain:
• introduction including brief review of literature
• aim and research question
• description and justification of research methods (including design, sampling, data collection, and analysis)
• discussion of research ethics
• timeline and budget, and
• description and justification of limitations
You are permitted to make adjustments to the research question and literature review you submitted in Part 1. However, given time constraints, students are strongly discouraged from selecting an entirely new topic.
You may use this research proposal as a foundation for subsequent study (e.g. a dissertation or independent study). If you plan to do so, please consult with the relevant convenor or academic supervisor to ensure the proposal you develop is suitable for this purpose.
In preparing this assignment, students are strongly encouraged to consider:
• Course content (especially Topic 7)
• Marking criteria sheet
• Feedback from the teaching team on their blog post and Proposal Part 1
Criteria & Marking:
• Logical, specific, and answerable research question supported by literature review (15 marks)
• Methods are described, justified, and answer the research question (35 marks)
• Ethical issues are described and addressed (20 marks)
• Resources and activities covered in budget and timeline. Limitations are described and justified. (15 marks)
• Academic standards of writing and referencing (15 marks)

44) Assignment
For this assignment, you will research assessment options for the offender population that you are writing about in your Signature Assignment.
Find three peer-reviewed journal articles that address common conditions and assessment measurements used with this population. Prepare an annotation for each article.
After you have completed the annotations, prepare a 1-page summary that includes the following:
• An overview of the population and the condition that is being assessed
• A listing and brief description of assessment instruments or methods utilized with this population
• A description of any validity reliability concerns with the instruments
• Recommendations regarding the assessment practices and tools one might utilize when assessing this population

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