Term paper shows matching between the concepts I learned in the course and my experience

I am looking for 8 pages term paper that applies the concepts I learned in this course to my experience. Direction of Term Paper: An important aspect of any MBA course is preparing the student for the application of theory to practice. That is, help the student understand how the classroom experience enriches their ability to function in the real world. Accordingly, all students will be required to write a 10-page maximum term paper applying some concepts of this course to either their current or a past work setting, or to any organization or industry that they would like to apply these concepts to. In doing this paper, however, please remain aware that I am NOT asking you to provide or include any confidential information about your organization or individuals within your organization. Feel free to use a ‘fake’ name AND/OR FAKE NUMBERS for the firm you wish to write about, etc. Identity aspects are NOT important to your paper. 1” margins on all four sides. 1.5 line spacing. Times-Roman font, 11 point font. General Description of Course (Catalog Description): This course examines the use of accounting information for effective management of organizations in today’s complex world of increased business competition and globalization. Managers in this context need to be proficient in using accounting information to monitor and control their organizations’ performance. Major topics in the course will include designing and using accounting data for internal decision making and analyzing and using financial statements. Students will also learn a variety of techniques and tools for financial management processes including budgeting, cost analysis, performance management, and performance measurement and evaluation. Aims of the Course: 1. Provide a general understanding of managerial accounting. 2. Develop the basic concepts and techniques used in managerial accounting. 3. Develop a facility which will allow students to identify appropriate concepts and techniques of analysis to be used for different information request. 4. Provide an understanding of financial statement analysis and reporting. 5. Provide an understanding of internal control and corporate governance. Course Learning Goals By the end of this course, students will: CLG 1. Understand managerial accounting as it relates to decision-making, budgeting and performance evaluation. CLG 2. Be able to apply accounting-based managerial accounting models for internal managerial purposes. CLG 3. Be able to apply both qualitative and quantitative information for planning, control and internal managerial decision-making. CLG 4. Be able to discuss and analyze recent developments in the financial and business press.

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