Term papers should be 1,250-1,500 words, or roughly 5-6 pages in length based on concept map


Term papers should be 1,250-1,500 words, or roughly 5-6 pages in length based on concept map
Add a section to the paper on a sociological theory or framework to situate this topic.  For example, if focus was on the cybercriminals, then social learning theory would work well. Alternatively, if focused more broadly on the link between social media and cyberbullying, institutional-level framework like social strain/anomie theory, conflict theory, structural functionalism, or an exchange framework (which would be really interesting for understanding the economic impact).
Follow APA format
Use at least three peer-reviewed sources
The document must be saved as a Microsoft Word file (.doc).
Do not save documents as pdf files.

The paper will be written on an issue outlined in the concept map, but must include each of the following components:
Social theory
Social structure
Social process
Research question
Rationale for choosing the issue

Guiding questions (and examples)
Below you will find a list of questions which should be addressed in your paper. You are not required to follow a strict format when answering these questions (i.e., responding to them in sequential order); however, it is imperative that you answer each of them in your paper to avoid losing marks. Examples have been provided in parentheses after the question to help you organize your thoughts and begin addressing the questions in writing.
1. What is the social issue you have selected? (“The issue I explore in this paper is….”)
2. What is the social theory you have selected to understand your issue? (“The social theory that most appropriately explains this issue is…”)
3. What is your research question? (“What position(s) do females occupy in the division of labor for drug cartels?”)
4. Why did you select this issue and research question? (“This topic has been largely unexplored and therefore requires further inquiry to expand our understanding of its causes and consequences.”)
5. What sociological concepts are most helpful for describing the issue you have selected? (“Because the roles occupied by females are highly dependent on gender stereotypes, the female drug trafficker’s ascribed gender status is important to consider.”)
6. In what way(s) is/are the social processes underlying your social issue shaped by social structure? (“The division of labor in drug trafficking operations is shaped by the illegality of the commodity being trafficked and the inherently patriarchal nature of drug trafficking organizations.”)
7. In what way(s) is/are social structures overshadowing your social issue shaped by social processes? (“Because females occupy low-end positions in the cartel, they tend to be arrested and incarcerated more often, therefore leaving their children in “broken homes” with one or fewer parents to raise them. An anticipated consequence is that more children will grow up without a proper socialization from both parents and go on to commit acts of deviance later in life.”)
8. What major insights did you glean from your research? (“By reviewing the literature on gender stratification and criminal organizations, I found that females typically occupy menial positions, perform the least desirable tasks, receive unequal pay for their work, and are often victims of auxiliary crimes such as sexual assault, physical and mental abuse, and kidnapping.”)


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