tertiary learner

Why is it important to me as a tertiary learner to use credible sources in my academic research and writing? (250 words)

196) What would you say to a young person who asked your opinion of taking drugs? What negative impact has on the brain?
150 – 200 words
197) 1.Choose a specific historical event or example and reflect on the “long range” effect of it on your own life.Choose another historical 2.event and reflect on the “long range” impact on the modern workplace—perhaps on the profession you have chosen..

198) read the article and write a 350-500 words long summary of it. You can find the reference for the assigned work should be added to your References section(Coleman, J. (1988). Social Capital in the Creation of Human Capital.American Journal of Sociology,94, S95-S120.)
, but do not forget that if you’ll be getting quotes from this work, you should also cite this in your summary with the proper in text citation format.(Coleman, 1988, p. XX); in these “p.” refers to a single page, if you want to refer to more than one page, then you should change it to “pp.” and give a page number range (e.g. “pp. 444-48).

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