The Benefits of Digital Technology advancement in the Architectural Industry

need the essay reviewed and please make corrections supplied in feedback Title?? This is an impressive submission: you have clearly worked hard to produce this and it will be a substantial underpinning for your essay. What’s missing here is your title! It’s possible to work out roughly what it might be but without it, it’s hard to evaluate your plan etc. “If there is no doubt that technology has significantly revolutionized the field of architecture in the modern world.’ – that then undermines the essay, if you already know the answer. You need to think about the title and the research question/s in the light of this. In terms of your conclusion, don’t you think that (some) architects are already doing this, as in applying new/emerging technologies? Are some of these going to be the basis for your study. The plan works on a kind of theoretical level but it’s not clear where your data will be coming from.  The bibliography shows the extent of your research so far, well done! It would be good to read more specifically on how these sources will relate to the essay and also more of your own critical response.

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