“The Black Arts Movement”: Forging a Black Aesthetic

Read pages 48-61 on the link below. See attached directions. 1. Write a 3.5 page response 2. Write two important facts and ideas found in the reading. 3. Discuss at least one opinion about the facts and why you agree or disagree. * DO NOT WAFFLE OR MAKE REDUNDANT STATEMENTS. MEANING RECITE WORDS ALREADY WRITTEN TO MEAT A WORD COUNT. THE RESPONSE SHOULD BE COGENT AND ORIGINAL ABSOLUTELY NO PARAPHRASING OR PATCH PLAIGERISM. ALL STATEMENTS MUST ADD VALUE TO THE PAPER AND NOT RAMBLE. ABSOLUTELY NO VERBOSE WORDINESS. BE CLEAR AND CLEARLY EXPLAIN REASONS YOU AGREE, SOMEWHAT DISAGREE AND/OR MIXED FEELINGS. https://penumbratheatre.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Dutchman-and-The-Owl-Answers-Study-Guide-FINAL.pdf

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