The conviction of George Pell – The conviction of Borce Ristevski

In approaching this case study, you are to take on the fictional position of one of the following: a) a defence activist, b) a prosecutorial activist, c) a police activist, d) a court activist, or e) a victim activist. Taking on this position, you are to analyse one of the following contemporary criminal justice cases from your chosen perspective: – The conviction of George Pell – The conviction of Borce Ristevski – The over-representation of people with acquired brain injury in the CJS – The over-representation of Indigenous Australians in the CJS In undertaking your case study, you are to provide an overview of your chosen case (who, what, when, where), and outline various criminal justice issues from your activist position. Provide recommendations as to how the issues you identify can be properly addressed. Use evidence and examples to support your claims.

28) . How many Brahma worlds (Form planes) are there? Name the Brahma world where the beings born there have no mind. Write down the name of the 2S Rupavacara Vipaka Citta. (2nd Fine material Resultant Consciousness) in English or Pali 6. Decline one of the following in all cases 1. Loka 2. Canda 3. Dhamma Or Give the Pali terms for the following:
1. Child 2. Town 3. Tree 4. Village 5. Doctrine 6. Sun 7. Moon 8. Boy 9. King 10. Farmer

29) You are required to write an academic essay on the topic listed above. Your essay should follow an essay structure and should flow in a clear and logical manner. You should write the essay in your own words and ensure that you acknowledge any direct quotations appropriately.
You need to support your response with appropriate evidence from academic sources (minimum of 8) and ensure that you reference these sources appropriately in APA format.
You should ensure that you meet the word length limit and proofread your work carefully. You should also ensure that you follow the Fed Uni Guide to Lay-out and Appearance to format and present your essay.

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