The development of illegal immigration in Greece: Greek policies for illegal immigration

I have completed a semester research project, masters degree, which i have to defend at an oral exam. among others, crucial points to be justified are : 1) What is the study about (Problem formulation Purpose, problem analysis incl. Contextualisa tion – theoretically & empirically), research questions/hypotheses, precision) 2)Methodology – How the data has been analysed (Methodology Methods (data collection/analysis), justification, limitations, source criticism, choice and use of theory, philosophy of science reflections on application, methodological stances and approaches ) 3)What are the key findings 4)What are the limitations 5)Ethical dilemmas 6)How all parts are connected , problem formulation- theory- analysis – data – conclusion 7) problem formulation to conclusion connection 8)What mistakes have been made, what could be done better , how would the project be done properly 9)what is missing 10)What methods have been used for data collection and data analysis and why 11)Theory Relevance, critical discussion, independence to- wards (e.g. new combinations of theories) 12)Analysis Empirical data, application of theory, qual- ity/logic and documentation of arguments, critical use of sources, independence. 13)Conclusion Summaries, one-to-one connection between PF and conclusions. Practical and theoretical consequences of project 14)If there is any other primary data, besides the interview. i dont think that i has but, if yes, please elaborate. 15) if the research questions and aims have been answered and if yes if you can outline them

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