the effects of social economic status on how women respond to “empowerment” images in advertisements

Introduction: o What is the general topic? (e.g., humor in advertising) ? o What is the specific problem? (e.g., humor in food advertising) ? o What is the problem’s significance? What’s the purpose of this study? What is ?its contribution to the existing research (theoretical AND practical relevance)? ?Literature Review: ? o Who else did what and found what about the general topic AND specific problem? Have past findings been similar to or different from each other??What do we know for sure about the problem, and what needs further research? ? o Synthesize and summarize (be sure to think it through before you start writing; draw a model or an outline; use second/third-level headings to organize your arguments; talk about THEORIES and CONCEPTS that will be used in this study; THEY SHOULD LEAD TO YOUR RQ/Hs). ? o How will your study differ from what has been done so far about this problem? (also the reasons to have your own RQs and Hs) ?Research Questions and/or Hypotheses:?Make sure they are specific and systematic. Include RATIONALE for each ?question or hypothesis, based on literature review. ?RQ: Is humor effective in food advertising??H1: The use of humor in food advertising will lead to better recall and more ?favorable attitude toward the product. o ?Method: ? o This needs to be thorough. Talk about details. ? o Overall design: your research design and introduction to research method. ? o Sampling technique: such as population, sampling size, unit of analysis, etc; ?and explain WHY you chose to do that. ? o Procedure: time, location, researchers, ethics (e.g., IRB approval), protocol, ?pretest procedure and results, stimulus or participants, etc. ? o Measures: which measures will be used to investigate which RQ or H? ?Discuss operational definitions, scales adopted from past research or developed by the author, reliability test results, etc. (include research instruments in Appendix) ? Proposed Analysis: o How would you analyze the data you collected to answer each RQ/H? You may use a summary table (proposed analysis for each RQ/H) to help readers understand the relationships between your data and your RQ/Hs. References o Start on a separate page at the end. ? o APA style ( ? The final project must meet professional presentation standards: it must be presented in a logical and organized manner (use APA style); it must be double-spaced in 12 point Times New Roman typeface; it must be at least 10 PAGES (EXCLUDING references, tables, charts, and appendix) in DOC or PDF format. Please see the written assignment rubrics for more information.

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