the impact of the subprime lending crisis on consumer mortgage availability since 2008

write a 20- to 25-page annotated bibliography (double-spaced) Sources Please use at least 20 “real” sources for your paper. Here are some qualifiers for “real” sources: ? newspaper or magazine articles, including those duplicated online, count as “real;” ? newspaper or magazine reporter blogs do not count as “real;” ? Wikipedia doesn’t count – ever – it’s a starting place only – see the “General Directions… mentioned above; ? CNN, MSNBC, FoxNews, ABC, CBS, NBC or any other organized mass media news or their online components ARE NOT “real” sources; ? Bloomberg, Reuters, and AP usually count as valid news organizations (but they still may have their biases); ? blogs and other vague, unsourced Web sites don’t count; ? anything without an author does NOT count, unless it’s produced by a reputable organization such as the Fed and it has documented sources of its own.

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