The Information Technology Skills Gap and Job Market Crisis

The Research Paper will consist of not less than 10 pages (standard double-spaced with 1 inch margins all around) of TEXT in length (Title Pages, Tables of Content, figures, pictures, graphs, and references will not be counted as text. Title Page is required. Table of Contents is not required; an Abstract is required.) At this point, let me remind you that if you use Microsoft Word to produce your paper, its default is 1.25 inches, and you need to change it to one inch. Use only 12 point Times New Roman font on your papers. This will keep paper length consistent for everyone. Since a word processor is likely to be used in preparation of the paper, it is expected that there will be NO spelling errors. I will caution you that ‘Spell Check’ will not catch words spelled correctly but not in the correct context. This is not an English class. However, accuracy is important. Grammar and spelling errors will be penalized at 1 point per occurrence. Clarity can affect understanding. If your work is difficult to understand, the content is questionable. Proper credit for references used will be included and will be cited within the paper as well as in a References page. There will be at least eight (8) outside references used (the text book does not count as one). In other words, you will have to do some research to back up your conclusions. Papers will be consistent with the APA style manual format. (The requirement for APA style of writing will be worth at least 30% of your grade.) In the Course Info/Syllabus section of Blackboard is a rubric that will be used to grade the Research Paper.

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