The internal and external influence that affects fast food industry in New Zealand

Hypothetical ScenarioTaco bellPlease find attached case-study about Taco bell; it provides you with useful information about history and establishment of the Taco bell chain around the globe. In a hypothetical scenario, consider Taco bell is interested in entering the NZ market and would like to develop their understanding of the New Zealand fast food market. Taco bell believes that it is critical to understand customers’ mindset in order to succeed in a new market. In order to understand New Zealand’s fast food customers better, you have to conduct a brief secondary and primary research (3 structured interviews) to collect, organise and analyse information. Your information should be useful for Taco bell in their future endeavours in New Zealand. You will also be required to conduct a brief literature review to better understand some key topics of marketing and consumer behaviour.Research requiredSecondary research:?Topics o Fast foodo Customer habits/behaviour for fast foodo Customer decision-making for fast foodo NZ culture and society. Primary research: three structured interviews ? Conduct a qualitative research in form of 3 structured interviews ? Develop a questionnaire/interview guide with approximately 15 questions? Each interview should be for approximately 15 minutes? Structured interviews should have open ended questions in order to give latitude to the respondents to express their thoughts.? Attach transcripts of interviews conducted (in Appendices).Assignment TaskInternal & External Influences (20 marks) (appox. 1000 words)? Based on your structured interviews and secondary research, establish how each of the following factors influence fast food customers in New Zealand.o Internal (Choose any 2) (10 marks)? Age ? Income levels? Personality? Motivationo External (Choose any 2) (10 marks)? Cultural Background? Reference groups? Family and Household? Popular culture

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