The mission of God in light of the prophetic texts

Ten pages of Research Paper on The Mission of God in the Light of a Prophetic Text. ( Due Week 8). For example: Take Isa. 61: 1-3. 1. How is this verse fulfilled
in the life and ministry of Jesus? 2. How the apostle Paul taught and preached it? 3. What impact these verses had on the missions of the early church? 4.
How should the current church apply it?
I encourage you to start working on this assignment from day one.
In the research paper, you’re expected to analyze and interpret the prophetic messages about the universal and inclusive nature of God’s mission. God is the
initiator, provider, the message and the messenger, empowering presence, and life transformer. Discuss how the prophets foresaw the mission to the Gentiles
before Jesus inaugurated the culturally and racially transcendent kingdom of God.
Give some practical guidelines on how the modern church in your context should participate in the Great Commission by presenting the good news of the
gospel in its all dimensions (social, economic, emotional, relational, etc.) to impact the lives of people. Apply at least three of Paul’s missionary methods and
principles. In addition, discuss how the prophetic messages influenced and impacted the life and ministry of Paul who becomes one of the great missionary,
theologian, and Christian leaders, in Christian history.
For the term paper is to follow Turabian formatting guidelines and is to include a cover page, table of contents, and bibliography. For samples of current
Turabian formatting guidelines, please visit
Utilize multiple Biblical passages on mission from both the Old and New Testament not just one and show how they relate to each other.
Utilize at least 12 resources 5 of which should be books (not including The mission of God by Christopher Wright or Transforming Mission by David Bosch).
The rest can be scholarly resources such as journal articles.

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