The Nature of Law and Justice with The Rise of New Media

After reading the prescribed week 14 texts, write your thoughts about the nature of law and justice with the rise of new media, and provide examples of your own. Structure your essay by addressing the following points: ? Write down your thoughts on the basis of various cases and examples. (70 % of the paper) ? Critically engage with some of the arguments given in your readings from Week 14. (30% of the paper) ? You are free to read and engage with any other text which might interest you but make sure you cite it at the end of your essay in a separate ‘References’ section. Keep in mind the following: ? If you use a direct quotation (either word/sentence) within the essay make sure you write like this: This phenomenon reminds us of a situation of ‘crisis of emotions’ (Singh 2006). Please cite anything that is not your original thought at the end of your essay under ‘References’ section. ? If you have quoted words/concepts/phrases YOU HAVE TO CITE THEM as well as the page numbers within brackets in the body of the essay (as above) as well as in the ‘Reference’ section at the end. ? Please refrain from using footnotes/endnotes. ? Include a cover page with the following details – your name, submitted to Prof _, your class section, semester and course name. ? You are not required to re-write the question in the essay. Simply begin with the essay. ? Give your essay a suitable title. ? Please do not use subheadings. The structure of the essay should be such that introduction, body and conclusion should have a natural flow. Arrange the full essay in paragraphs with similar themes. ? End your essay with a ‘References’ section, citing texts even if you have used them from the course manual.

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