The paradoxical relationship between crowdfunding and venture capital seed funding. A financing paradigm shift

This is an MBA Finance level research paper. It requires qualitative analysis using financial modelling and or statistical analysis with clarity. 18 pages excluding appendices and the table of contents. Appendices and table of contents are supporting documents. I am only request help because of time constraint and course overload. I have read extensively on the topic so consider my knowledge on the topic. I will need plagiarism free material with at least 12 references/bibliography. I will require constant update on progress and reviewing of the writings. Specifications: Research project must (1) be on a contemporary Finance topic, (2) seek to extend the current literature in the area, (3) require rigorous analysis, and (4) generate, as deliverables, a high-quality presentation and written report. Project write-ups must be at least 20 pages in length, not including supporting exhibits. Reports must conform to the style checklist given in section D below. Major Research Databases Available Some major Database Description Location: Wharton Research Data Service (WRDS) Platform allowing for easy extraction and download of data from a variety of databases Compustat Financial statement information for over 20,000 live and defunct U.S. companies, since 1950 CRSP Stock prices, returns, and trading volume, since 1926 VentureXpert Venture capital and private equity funds, managers, and performance TASS Hedge fund characteristics and returns, since 1913 Web access Username: fin301 Password: Wrds1844 WRDS (Account request: WRDS (Account request: V:Common AreaCIIM, DATA, and RESEARCHVentureXpert Data Using Internet Explorer: UserID: TASSdsmith Password: hwds2601 Style Checklist: 1. Use 12 point type font. 2. Double-space text 3. Use 1-inch margins all around. 4. Number all pages. 5. Write only in the third person (don’t say “I” or “we,” or address the reader as “you.”) 6. Use frequent subheadings to help organize the issues you are addressing. As a rule of thumb, have at least one section break per page. 7. Refer to a firm as “it,” not as “they” or “them.” 8. Avoid using contractions (e.g., “don’t, it’s, they’ll”); this is too informal for professional work. 9. Introduce abbreviations before using them: e.g., “net present value (NPV).” Thereafter, use “NPV.” 10. Use word- and sentence structure variety. Very few sentences should begin with “The.” 11. Graphs and tables should be integrated into the text. Identify each graph or table with a letter or number (e.g., “Table 1”) along with a unique, descriptive title, and refer to each by its name and integrate it properly in the text (Correct: “Table 1 shows that, between 1980 and 2010, the average payout ratio for dividend-paying firms has decreased from 54% to 36%.” Incorrect: “See Table 1.”) Include only those tables and charts directly relevant to your discussion. 12. Spell check your paper! 13. Proofread. Before turning in your paper, read it aloud from beginning to end. If what you have written sounds strange to your ears, you have probably constructed a poor sentence. 14. How does your finished paper look? Feel? Flip through the document and think about the impression it leaves.

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