The purpose of the proposal

The purpose of the proposal Is to present a solution to the problem you identified early in our course

of our previous assignments. especially the feasibility report, the proposal offers a solution to a

problem, and attempts to persuade readers to accept a particular course of action.


Memo cover page

Title page

Table of contents

List of figures

Executive summary (singe-spaced)

Introduction with purpose statement

Discussion section: Problem, Solution, Context.

Organize the report by subheadings relevant to the proposal

Conclusion that ends memorably and reiterates main points

APA references page

RESEARCH: A minimum of five (5) credible sources are required


6-8 pages (does not Include memo, title page, table of contents, list of figures. or references page)

Double-spaced (although proposals are sometimes singe-spaced, this course utilize double-spact’* to’ the

sake of consistency)

Times New Roman. 12 pc font

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