The role of Semiotics within design context/Same but different (please write the tittle for me)

Instructions: This assessment task will involve the selection of an essay topic (choose any one from the three outlined below), thorough research around the key components of the subject using a variety of sources, and writing up your 1500-word response in appropriate academic style. A suggested plan for your essay has been included below for you to follow. If you wish to deviate from this guide, please discuss first with your Learning Facilitator. You should begin by researching your chosen historical era to expand your knowledge. In this, you should explore key design examples that are significant to that particular period and discuss their social and cultural context as well as their lasting impact or legacy. From the essay topics listed below select one and reflect on your selection during Weeks 3 to 8 ensuring you are ready to commence Assessment 3 in Module 5 (5.1). • The role of Semiotics within design context: – Emergence of verbal language and iconography as a communication device (broad) and discuss these about the selected period. Or the development of the language and function of clothing and adornment within society in a selected period. Explore the value proposition of design and its ability to galvanise a community – consider things like status, identity, culture and context, ritual within societies, and performance art forms (Image creation, the emergence of type, song and dance). • Same but different: A comparison of design innovation and application in various periods: – Necessity is the mother of invention and innovation. The needs and rhythm of society (regardless of cultural differences) have remained fundamentally the same throughout history. You are to investigate innovative design thinking (focusing on one example of design) in the context of one period and a particular culture and compare a similar innovation (a similar example of design) in another period. For example, the introduction of the printing press in 1440 by Johannes Gutenberg and launch of the Apple Mac computer in 1984 by Steve Jobs (540 years apart). Both designed objects provided access to information to the general populous (information is power). Consider design impact and its perception of value, profile unique design attributes and how they have helped to improve the quality of life. Your essay will be 1500 words and will include: • An introductory paragraph that outlines your discussion to follow with at least three key points you will address. • The body of your essay will discuss each of these three points, using appropriate paragraphs to separate each idea. You will include discussion of the main historical components as well as any additional theories and design examples that may be relevant. • A concluding paragraph that will succinctly summarise everything you have just discussed and bring it to a concise point. • Include reference list for every document you cite within your essay (do not include material in your reference list that you did not refer to in-text). Reference your list in alphabetical order using the APA style of referencing (see the APA guide for more details). You should include reference material from at least three books and two journal articles and integrate them in a meaningful way into your discussion to demonstrate your understanding and engagement. Note: do not include your reference list as part of your 1500 word count. Your essay should use appropriate academic language and adhere to the referencing conventions of the design discipline (see APA Guide). Please discuss any questions you may have regarding this with your Learning Facilitator as soon as possible. As with the previous assessment task, drawing should be utilised as a way of learning and thinking. Where necessary you may include your sketches (analogue or digital), and any other useful images (make sure they are properly referenced), to help illustrate important points within your essay. Signed objects provided access to information to the general populous (information is power).

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