the social and ethical issuses of aritificial intelligence

there are a lot of things have to correct in the report . The structure is not clear , very confusing . Basically has to fix everything . It seems like writer finished in the rush . this topic is hard to understand so it needs to simplify the Language as well.!!!!! Please read my teachers comments carefully !!( in the pictures) :The topic was THE SOCIAL ECONOMIC AND ETHICAL IMPACTS OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN JAPAN !!Now only write about ECONOMIC AND ETHICAL !! Do not need SOCIAL!!! Focus on few things and write more clearly and specific. 1 REANSON( these are not really reasons it is impacts) 2Figures (IMPORTANT) Figures has to be related to the topic . Figures has to be write in the middle of the paragraphs / sentence (cannot start with a image or end with a image ) !!After inserting the image have write a paragraph to EXPLAIN the image !!!! (Needs 12 figures) 3INTRODUCTION 1.1The whole paragraph is not the explaination 1.2 no relevance to topic ,have to talk about the AI in Japan today !!! 4RECOMMENDATIONS It’s not the recommendation !!!! Write the solutions for the AI issues .

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