The United States and Japan: Culture and Policy Research Paper

a 1,400- to 1,750-word research paper based on the video and your own research that addresses the following: International environmental law Cultural discrepancies that hinder global management The role of international organizations for oceanic resource stability between both Japan and the United States Use the following questions to guide your research paper: What are the cultural ideals of Japan’s and the United States’ attitude toward ocean resources? What are the major cultural discrepancies between these two? What does the video show as a dominating factor in each country’s beliefs? How can a negotiation be made by these two opposite spectrum countries? Is there hope for cultural disparities to be negotiated? Why or why not? What are the differences in these countries’ treatment of international laws and the roles of international organizations? How does this cause differences in their local and national laws? Where are the future efforts of these organizations heading? What are their missions? Cite and reference at least four highly credible sources, two of which must be scholarly (from peer-reviewed academic journals). Use APA format for your work, including the references and in-text citations.

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