The Vaccine War The Crisis Situation

The Vaccine War The Crisis Situation The crisis is the controversy arising from the partial recommendation of vaccines. Conventionally, vaccines are generally associated with the prevention of severe health conditions; however, when professionals inform the public the practice is not effective in controlling certain circumstances, a point of confusion arises. The choice of this crisis situation was essential to learn some of the exceptions regarding the application of vaccines. Summary The video presents the case of the outbreak of measles; therefore, it was a time when people expected guidance from the healthcare professionals to guide them on reactive and preventive measures. They recommended the application of vaccines for the children. They further reported that immunization might not be adequate for disorders such as autism (Frontline, 2010). This led to the aspects of war over vaccines to rage on. The situation prompted the need for scientific establishment against populist coalitions of celebrities, parents, and activists. The benefit of Anthropological Perspective to Examining the Crisis Situation Examining the crisis can be better undertaken using the anthropological perspective. The approach can be used to analyze and understand the criteria of human behaviors as a result of the case (Khasnabish, 2014)). This will further help determine the influence behind the activist interventions, which resulted as reactive measures.

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