THE GLASS CASTLE BY JENNETTE WALLS First, decide if you will use APA or MLA format for your research paper. Use your chosen format for this paper. Second, define why you chose the autobiography and what you have learned so far about the writer. Define the points that you would like to discuss in your research paper. Include an introduction and thesis statement or abstract depending on the format you will use. Remember to incorporate the traits of a master student on pages 4-6 as they apply to both the author and yourself. Review the Dropbox 3 Grading Criteria in the Instructional Materials before submitting your assignment.A thesis is used in the MLA format and is the summary of the main ideas of the paper. An abstract is used only in the APA format, and it is a summary paragraph of the points you will discuss in your paper. Typically, thesis statements should be the last sentence of the introductory paragraph in college level writing, but this is not a requirement. A thesis statement should be consise, boldly stated, and well worded. The same applies to the abstract.

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