This is a personal reflection exercise to apply learning from class materials and learn more about transformational leaders in your life. Utilize critical thinking to answer the following questions. Your responses should be double-spaced and approximately 1-2 pages long.

1. Why did you decide to enter a health care profession? Write down the three most significant reasons that prompted your decision. Of the leadership styles examined in this lesson, which one do you most identify with?
2. Has there been a person or people in your life who was a mentor and inspired you to reach above and beyond your perceived potential? Have you served as such a mentor in the life of another?
3. What are the core values that you maintain regarding the treatment of others? What values do you hold with regard to work and professionalism?
4. What (besides money) would motivate you to do your best possible work? What personal values and aspirations do you have that a transformative leader might be able to help you achieve?
5. What de-motivates you? What actions or behaviors on the part of leaders might lessen your commitment to your goals and your values of sense of value or self-esteem?
6. You have decided to apply for a position as a leader for a local healthcare clinic. You wish to market yourself as a Transformational Leader who can lead the facility into the healthcare arena of the future. What items or issues should you highlight and discuss in the personal interview?

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