Ticket Sales Analysis

• You are the Vice President of Sales & Marketing for a professional basketball franchise that just opened a new arena 7 years ago. Your team has a good winning tradition with your last championship coming 5 years ago. Unfortunately, the team has been upset in the first round of the playoffs the last 3 years and some of your fan confidence is starting to wear thin. • Your arena seats 18,500 and is still at 71% season tickets, but this is down from a record high of 82% just 3 years ago. You have some different season ticket package offerings, but not too many options. Day of game sales have begun to fluctuate with the quality of the opponent and are no longer staying as consistent as they use to be over the 41 home games each year. • Based on the season ticket prices and individual game prices that you will determine and given the data above, you are being asked to provide the following to your CFO: o Construct a financial model projecting the following figures: ? Potential Sales Volume ? Potential Ticket Revenue per game ? Potential Ticket Revenue for the season o Based on your assumptions, provide a breakdown of this revenue from its various categories: Season Ticket Sales, Individual Game Sales, Group Tickets and Suites/Premium Seating. • As a result of the data provided above and your findings, how would you look to improve on this year’s sales for next season? Would you look to change any of the package pricing or do anything differently with your sales methods? • Notes: o You will create the price points that you use for this analysis and build your financial modeling with those prices and the information provided above. o The price points, seating options, and allocation of seats within each general area can be based on an actual franchise or you can choose to establish them on your own. o There is no specific financial model or analytical software that needs to be used. A projection estimating the # of seats in different seating areas totaling up to your capacity multiplied by the relevant price points you’ve chosen to use will allow you to project some realistic revenue and sales capacity figures. o This write-up assignment should include both a quantitative and narrative component. Feel free to include visuals if you feel the data analysis you have generated could be enhanced by being presented in this manner.

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