To complete the task, students should follow these steps:

Identify the key components of the question you have chosen. What is it asking you to do? What are the key words or concepts and theories that it refers to?
2. Consider what information is needed to successfully answer the question. As a start, think about the online weekly modules or set readings that are most relevant and review those materials. Bear in mind you will need to go beyond these (and you need to focus on published materials in your essay, so the set readings should be given preference over lecture pods/online materials).
3. Begin researching your chosen topic. Use the library databases to identify other academic sources. If you are not sure how to do this seek some support from library staff.
4. Take notes on the readings you complete, being sure to distinguish between your summaries/paraphrasing and any direct quotes. (Be sure to review the guides to referencing in vUWS if you are not clear on this).
5. Having obtained relevant information to answer the question, draft an essay plan that considers how you might structure your essay. Resources on essay planning are available in vUWS.
6. Commence drafting your essay. Keep coming back to your essay plan to check that you are still on track as you do so.
7. Re-read and refine your essay. As you do so, ask yourself: ’does this answer the question’? ’Are the points I am making, and the significance of them clear’? ’Are the connections between points, particularly between paragraphs, clear’?
8. Check your essay for spelling and/or grammatical errors.
9 Minimum of 5 reference required.

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