Topics of groups in auditing during the previous experimental literature in 35 years.

In the attachment, there are tables from page 4-13. Which summaries experimental studies in topics of auditing from 1982-2017 ( 35 years). In the table you will notice the name of subject studied in the audit and in return a large number of references you mentioned (all empirical studies only) In the far left are previous literature from which subjects were derived Requirements. – Here in this task )literature review( i need to show most hot topic for example (auditing in groups – face to face or virtual ) 5-10 pages explain the evolution of the topic over the period (35 years) and conclude the task with a table with the top ten most reference papers of this topic according to the number of cites in the web of knowledge (in the text of the table include the keywords of the criterium selection). Notice . the topics of financial incentives have been mentioned multi times by each literature reviews which showed in the tables but with different sub topics , and different results.

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