Understanding and engaging in the customer experience Report.

Critical analysis required!! Analyse the customer experience within 2 organisations. 3500 word report on 2 organisations of choice 1 must be a retail organisation and the other must be service organisation e.g. Primark and HSBC Bank. Must have 30 academic and reliable references. Please include diagrams, models and theories. And demonstrate how it’s being used effectively or uneffectively and what can be done to improve the organisations customer experience. Please include and demonstratea plan, do, check, action and also include a loyalty metrix in the appendix. This needs to be a formal written report grammatically correct report has been requested by CEO of marketing weekly. The ceo and his team are currently researching ‘the influence of ethical and sustainable resources and it’s possible impact on the quality of customer relationship. Harvard refrence the definition of Ethical, sustainability and Quality. Ethical policy on organisations of choice. Please choose 2 e.g. Primark and HSBC. How good is the chosen organisation business ethics? Do they use descriptive or normative ethics? Do the organisations have a sustainability policy? Identify the customer loyalty and customer satisfaction by using a loyalty metrix. Task 1: investigate the customer experience of organisations based on ethical and sustainability policies. **this task should be supported with examples from several organisations based within different sectors. It should include definitions or ethical and sustainability and also be supported with academic theories and citations.** Task 2: demonstrate through a literature review ‘s critical discussion of a variety of quality models and theories that may assist in an organisation improving its CRM. **this task requires a critical investigation into a wide variety of academic quality models supported by organisational examples to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the concept of quality and it’s pink to measuring/improving the CRM.** Task 3: the report will require a conclusion on the impact of ethical and sustainability policies on the quality of CRM in organisations. Recommendations are required based on the development points highlighted wiithin the findings and conclusion sections of the report. ** this task will require a clear demonstration of the link between ethic/sustainability policies and the impact on the quality of the CRM. The recommendations should be relevant and suitable to the organisations which have been researched within the report.**

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