Unit 4 – HCAD 7519VU Population Health Management Assignment

Unit 4 – HCAD 7519VU Population Health Management Assignment

Part 1. – Toolkit Competency Application – Recognition Options for Patient Centered Medical Homes

As a Director of Strategic Planning for your community hospital you were instrumental in the acquisition of both primary care and specialty practices joining your health system. The CEO has just requested that you assess two potential credentialing/ recognition opportunities and report back with a brief two-page summary recommendation. The CEO and other executives know the basic structure of the CPC+ and the AHQR models and their primary interest is for you to identify the potential top five challenges for implementation. In addition to Table 7.3 that provides a comparison between the two models, basic implementation toolkits are available for your review. See Resources #1 and #2. Given the short timeframe for completion, the executive summary will highlight the most common barriers and challenges to implementation.


#1 – CMS Comprehensive Primary Care Plus CPC+
https://innovation.cms.gov/files/x/cpcplus-rfa.pdf (Open Resource)
#2 – Getting Started Toolkit: Get Started With NCQA PCMH Recognition – https://www.ncqa.org/programs/health-care-providers-practices/patient-centered-medical-home-pcmh/getting-started-toolkit/3 (Available for free download).





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