weave a word challenge NOTED – I’m not paying 15 dollar for 2 paragraphs

“WEAVE A WORD” challenge This is a creative writing challenge. Below are 12 words. Your challenge is to create a 2-3 paragraph narrative. It can be a bio; a fantasy; sci-fi; or an adventure, funny, or serious … basically, whatever you want. However, you cannot simply use the words as a part of a series, ie. “I ate an anchovy, an almond, an adroid, etc.” If you are not clear about the meaning of a word, look it up. And also check to see how it is used in a sentence. You cannot change the tense or whether it is single/plural. I’ve given you some hints as to whether the words are nouns, adjectives, adverbs, etc. But you must be creative!!! Good luck. absolutely (adv) almond anecdotes (n) anchovy amazement acceptance Android acrid (adj) amicable (adj) ascent (noun) aerosol abyss (noun)

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