Week 3: CyberIssues Presentation

CyberSafety PowerPoint/Multimedia Presentation (This assignment fulfills these NETS-T, InTASC, and CCTC Standards) SCENARIO: Your school principal/administrator has asked you to create and deliver a PowerPoint Presentation on CyberSafety issues for all of the teachers at your workplace. Your presentation will cover a concise overview of five main categories: Acceptable Use Policies Cyberbullying Cyberpredators Identity Safety Piracy, Plagiarism If you are not currently teaching, select a target audience: elementary, middle, or high school. Assignment Instructions Use the textbook, resource links, and Cyber Resources to gather information on each of the categories for your presentation. Define each category and summarize key points in bullet-point form. Emphasize why the topic is important to educators. Use short explanations, not complete sentences. Provide two examples for each category. Use the Notes Section in PowerPoint to narrate your presentation. Each slide should have Notes text that you would say to the audience during the presentation. Remember, the slide is for bullet-pointed text, not sentences or paragraphs. Include a minimum of three graphics (cited correctly in APA style). Include transitions from one slide to other. Include sound on at least one slide. This can be a transition sound or a link to an audio clip. Include a link to one video clip on one slide. Include one hyperlink for each of the five categories to information about that topic (see Cyber Resources link on the menu). Use names of websites as actual web links, not URLS Your PowerPoint Presentation should meet the following criteria: Title – 1 slide (don’t forget to put your name on this slide!) Introduction – 1 slide (list categories with a short definition) Content – 2 slides for each of the five categories with one hyperlink per topic. Conclusion – 1 slide (strategies for implementation) Reference list formatted in APA style with full source information, not just web links. NOTE: Word and ideas used from sources on the slides must have in-text citations (you can use a smaller font size for them), and those sources must be listed on a Reference slide at the end of your presentation. However, the notes section on each slide will have the speech you will give for each slide. If you use words or ideas from sources in the notes section, those also have to be cited with in-text citations. You will them do a SEPARATE reference list in the Notes section for the Reference list for the sources used only in the notes areas. Helpful Resources Basic Theory of Visual Literacy and Document Design Life After Death by Powerpoint (9:28) The Big Four: Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, Proximity Before and After Slides Presentation Tips Some Graphic Design Principles Do not put title, subtitles or text in ALL CAPITAL letters. All caps are harder for the eye to read. Do not put any text, titles or subtitles in italics font. Italics are harder for the eye to read. Save italics for items that require them, such as book titles. Do not center sentences, paragraphs or bulleted items. Centered text is harder for the eye to read. Centering titles and subtitles is fine. If you place text in a colored background, make sure that it is visible. For example, black font in a dark blue background cannot be seen well. Make the font a lighter color in those areas. Use short paragraphs and bulleted lists. People will not wade through large chunks of text. Do not underline titles or subtitles. Put them in bold-face for APA style. Do not bullet point the reference list. DO NOT use the following text-background color combinations because they create optical problems for the eyes, so they are very hard to read. red text over blue background red text over green background green text over blue background green text over red background blue text over red background blue text over green background Microsoft PowerPoint PowerPoint 2016 Training PowerPoint 2013 Videos and Tutorials PowerPoint 2010 Videos and Tutorials PowerPoint for Mac 2016 Training PowerPoint for Mac 2011 Training Please click the link below to view the document.

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