Week 3 D Teaching Intelligent Design in Public School

Teaching Intelligent Design in Public Schools Our controversial debate this week will focus on the following questions: Should Intelligent Design be taught in public school science class? Why or why not? What scientific, religious, and political principles can help us decide this question? Follow the same format we used in Weeks 1 and 2, working together as a class to provide the best reasons for and against each side of this debate. By this point in the week you should have read about Intelligent Design in Chapter 5 of Dixon’s Science and Religion. Cite specific passages from Dixon that are appropriate for the reasonins you are developing in your posts. His discussion of the Galileo Affair and the Scopes Trial might also provide some historical context to help us think through this debate. And since we’re talking about public school there are political dimensions to this question, too, so be sure refer to Suhay’s article The Politics of Scientific Knowledge (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Moreover, a large part of the controversy has to do with whether Intelligent Design is science or pseudoscience, so our debate about the Demarcation Problem in Week 1 is relevant as well. In fact, the Week 2 material on Scientific Realism might be relevant as well insofar as we’re debating whether the “truth” of Darwinism or Intelligent Design is relevant. So any of the material from this week or previous weeks might be helpful here. You will be tempted to search the internet for additional resources, but don’t forget to use the resources from this course first.

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