What do you understand by the term ‘postmodernist fiction’ and what purpose does it have?

FULL ESSAY QUESTION: What do you understand by the term ‘postmodernist fiction’ and what purpose does it have? Illustrate your answer with reference to two novels. I have attached the two novels as PDFs: Paul Auster, The New York Trilogy & Don DeLillo, White Noise. Assessment Criteria: You will be assessed according to your ability to: • Describe in detail and with a clear sense of the continuities and discontinuities, the development of American fiction in the period studied, in terms of changes in form, genre and theme • Relate American novels in specific cultural, social, historical, and political contexts • Assess and apply relevant literary criticism and theory to novels in order to show the relation between text and context, and form and genre to content and theme • Construct coherent interpretative arguments and substantiate them with primary textual evidence and detailed references to critical and contextualising material • Demonstrate expert command of an adequate and relevant critical language IMPORTANT – I have attached: 1) A Word Document on the Essay Instructions. 2) A Word Document Essay Example showing how the Essay MUST be Structured. 3) 8 PDFs of Research & Literary Criticism Material that MUST be read thoroughly in order to answer and understand the Essay question & they MUST be included in the Essay. 4) A Word Document breaking down each PDF – showing exactly what chapters & pages to read and include. (Textbook pages NOT PDF pages.)

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