what does nationhood mean for First Nations peoples

PICK OUT OF THE 1. What does Nationhood mean to First Nations People? 2. What is Colonialism and how did it change the face of Aboriginal People of Canada? 3. Governance as a First Nation: Traditionally what did it look like, and what does it mean in 2018? 4. Political Structure in Aboriginal Society: How does this connect with Treaties? PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CONSTRUCT YOUR FINAL ESSAY AS FOLLOWS: ? ? ? ? MLA style for structuring the essay. Cite references correctly within essay body, as well as creating Works Cited. These will form 10% of final essay mark. Spelling and grammar will be marked, and form 5% of final essay mark. Academic form of essay writing should be followed comprising three parts: Creating a thesis statement included as part of your Introduction; Body of information, along with Conclusion does not bring in any new ideas outside of the essay body.

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