What influence does a chronic illness in a family have on the lives of the children in the family?

Student will develop a research proposal about a social work practice, social program, and/or social policy that is of interest to them. The proposal should include a statement of the research question and the motivation for addressing it, a brief review of the relevant literature, a description of the methodology to be used (e.g., how will the sample be selected; what data will be collected; what measures will be used), and a discussion of the study’s limitations. It must also include a critical examination of how issues related to socioeconomic status, race/ethnicity, gender, and/or sexual orientation will be taken into account. Students will also submit a Human Subjects protocol seeking approval from the University Institutional Review Board (IRB). This will be a 12 page paper which includes: a the Formulation of Research Question, Literature Review, Methodology, Expected Findings and Project Completion Plan, Budget Planning and Justification, and possibly a Human Subject IRB Protocol. Please see attachments for more details.

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