What responsibilities does Socrates believe he has toward the city of Athens?

Instructions for First Essay Please write an essay on the following topic: What responsibilities does Socrates believe he has toward the city of Athens? In writing your essay, please pay particular attention to the Apology and the Crito. Please do not use outside sources other than the writings of Plato, your class notes, and the editorial notes (such as the introductions and footnotes) of the texts assigned in class. Please make sure to provide a bibliography and to list all of your references in the form of footnotes, endnotes, or parenthetical notes. When citing passages from Plato in your references, please refer to the marginal numbers that appear on the side of the pages (e.g., Apology 18 b-d) instead of referring to the actual page numbers. You should cite all of your sources even when you’re not quoting directly from a text (essays that fail to do this may be charged with plagiarism). When citing information you’ve learned from class, please cite “Class Notes” in your references and list the Course in your Bibliography. This essay should be at least 800 words long. It will be worth 15% of your overall course grade. This essay must be written in English. The due date for this essay is Monday, the 19th of March. Late essays will receive a penalty of 2% off the assignment grade per school day. Essays may not be submitted through electronic format such as e-mail. When handing in the essay, students will be asked to sign a form stating that they have read and understood the rules against plagiarism and stating that they have not plagiarized. This form will be distributed in class before the 19th of March. Essays that are not accompanied by this signed form will not be accepted. Although you are asked not to use any additional sources besides Plato’s writings, your class notes, and the editorial notes of the texts assigned in class, if you choose not to follow these instructions and use other sources of information, it is absolutely imperative that you cite all of your sources (otherwise you will be guilty of plagiarism).

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