which one is better to improve students’ enjoyment in piano learning? Improvisation or structured teaching.

Compared informal teaching (improvisation) and formal teaching . Improvisation: Such learning has been described variously as non-formal or informal, drawing a distinction between this kind of learning and formal learning. Formal learning may be described as that which occurs in a traditional pedagogic environment where clarity of goals and procedures are clearly defined in advance and where learning results in certification or assessment. Original-structrued approach, like this student have to learn the one, two, three piece from this book( the repertoire and consequence are stable ), with the teacher taking the lead. Their musical repertoire was mainly classical, rather than popular and many of the children regularly undertook piano examinations, typically involving prepared pieces, scales, sight-reading and aural tests.( I copy this from article) In the 24th Oct, my teacher will help me to check this assignment. So I need a general writing according to the heading structure(the attachment) before 24th Oct. Answer each of the above questions, if you think it can be a few hundred words. So I can hand it over to my teacher and check if there is no problem. If there is a problem, it is not too late to change before the deadline.

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